Training Advanced Formation Evaluation : (15-17 Desember 2020, Jakarta)

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Date(s) - 15/12/2020 - 17/12/2020
12:00 am



After participate in thid course, the participants will be abble and cappable to :

  • Understand the basic principles and leading edge technology of formation evaluation with cased hole logging rock including logging .
  • Perform diagnosis pitting properties and reservoir evaluation with the interpretation of the formation evaluation with conventional logging and cased holed logging
  • Creating and analysis can determine the ability of the production wells of formation evaluation data interpretation with logging
  •  understand the modern principles for the calculation of computed log wellsite


Operator/Sr. Operator/Engineer or Non Engineer/ Jr. Geologist


Have a basic knowledge of the geology of hydrocarbons

Have a basic knowledge formation evaluation and reservoir hydrocarbons

Have a basic knowledge of the geology of hydrocarbons

knowledge formation evaluation and reservoir hydrocarbons


Understanding About Environment Conventional Logging

The wells Geometry Hydrocarbons

Implementation of Logging

Disturbances that occur

evaluation of Hydrocarbon

Basics interpretation

Effect of Mud Invasion

Zona Permeabel

  • SP Log
  • Gamma ray Log
  • Electromagnetic Log
  • Log in to Clean Formation
  • Resistivity-Porosity Crossplot
  • Identify multimineral

Log untuk Shaly Formation

Log in Shaly Formation

Distribution Shale and Clay

Cation Excvhage Capacity

  • Model Interpretasi Shaly sand
  •  Dual Water Method

Penentuan Produktivitas Sumuran

Determination of Well Productivity

Permeability and Determination

irreducible water saturation

  • Multiple Formation Tester

Wellsite Computed Logs

  • Log Rwa
  • Porosity Overlay
  • Resitivity Overlay
  • SP Overlay
  • Cyberlook Log
  • Analisis Prolog

Electromagnetic Propagation Log

  • EPT Log
  • ADEPT : The Adaptable Tool
  • Interpretation Method
  • CRIM Method
  • CTA Method
  • Tpo Method
  • Endfire Array
  • Brodside Array
  • Deep Propagation Tool (DPT)

Formation Evaluation in Cased Hole

  • Logs for Cased Hole Formation Evaluation
  • Natural Gamma Ray Log
  • Neutron Log
  • Sonic Log
  • Thermal Decay Time Log  (TDT)
  • Gamma Ray Spectromerty Tool (GST)
  • Cement Evaluation
  • CBL/VDL Measurement
  • Compesated Cement Bond Tool
  • Cement Evaluation Tool


No specified  (Operator/Sr. Operator/Engineer or Non Engineer)


Gas Handling Facilities

Introduction to Gas Handling and Facilities
Gas Properties

  • Ideal gas
  • Real Gas
  • Gas Formation Volume Factor
  • Gas Compressibility
  • Gas-Water System
  • Gas-Condensate System

Gas Reservioir Performance

  • Reservoir Gas Flow
  • Gas Reserves
  • Well Completion Effect
  • Tight Gas Well
  • Gas Well Testing

Gas Piping System

  • Basic  Flow Equation
  • Flow in Wells and Flow in Pipelines
  • Effect of Liquids
  • Use of Pressure Traverse Curve
  • Liquid Removal from Gas Wells

Gas Compression

  • Type of Compressors
  • Compressor Design
  • Centrifugal Compressor

Total System Analysis

  • Tubing and Flow Line Effect
  • Separator Pressure Effect
  • Compressor Selection

Flow Measuring

  • Orifice Metering
  • Metering System Design
  • Other Metering Methods

Gas Condensate Reservoir

  • Well Testing and Sampling
  • Gas Cycling

Field Operation Problems

  • Pressure Cumulative Production Plot
  • Hydrate Formation
  • Sour Gas Production
  • Corrosion Control With Inhibitors
  • Sulfur Deposition

Gas Processing

  • Field treatment of Natural Gas
  • Gas Plant Operation
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Gas Sweetening

Oil Handling Facilities

Oil Well Surface Production Equipment and Operation

  • Oil Well Equipment
  • Oil Well Production Operation
  • Well Automatic Safety Device

Oil Gathering System. Manifold and Flowline

  • Oil Gathering System
  • Maniflod System
  • Flowline Sizing and Design

Crude Oil and Gas Separation

  • Separator and Principle of Separation
  • Design of Separator
  • Oil Dehydration

Principles of Measurement

  • Introduction to Measurement
  • Crude Oil Measurement
  • Gas Measurement

Well Test

  • Introduction
  • Responsibility for Test
  • Preparation for Test
  • Types of Well Test
  • Equipment and Procedures
  • Accuracy of Fluid Measurement
  • Problem in Testing
  • Type of Test

Artificial Lift Method

  • Gas Lift
  • Submersible Pump
  • Succker Rod Pump
  • Hydraulic Pump


CITRA INTI TRAINING consultant team


3days (effective21thhours )

INVESTMENT TRAINING (Excluding Accommodation) :

  • IDR 10.700.000,-/participant (Jakarta)
  • IDR 11.000.000-/participant (Bandung)
  • IDR 12.000.000,-/participant (Yogyakarta)
  • IDR 14.000.000,-/participant (Bali)
  • IDR 14.750.000,-/participant (Lombok)
  • USD 4778/participant (Malaysia)


Certificate, Module, Training Kit, Lunch, Coffee Break, held in hotel


085102922419 (WA)




081213153848 (SMS Center)


Interactive Methods, Presentations, Discussions


  • 29-31 Januari 2020, Jakarta
  • 12-14 Februari 2020, Lombok
  • 18-20 Maret 2020, Bali
  • 01-03 April 2020, Jakarta
  • 04-06 Mei 2020, Bandung
  • 17-19 Juni 2020, Bogor
  • 20-22 Juli 2020, Malang
  • 26-28 Agustus 2020, Surabaya
  • 07-09 September 2020, Jakarta
  • 14-16 Oktober 2020, Bandung
  • 09-11 November 2020, Bali
  • 15-17 Desember 2020, Jakarta

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